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​Stronger, Smarter Institute HUB school

This year we are again proud to be a HUB school for the Stronger Smarter Institute. For a school with less than 2% Indigenous student population the number one challenge is to “Promote an awareness of indigenous cultures” throughout the Chancellor community.

The affiliates in our hub are Kawana State College, Glenview State School, Buderim Mountain State School, Brightwater State School and the University of the Sunshine Coast.

Together we strive to “close the gap” in indigenous education. The gap that exists between the Indigenous  and non-Indigenous students at CSC is not one that cannot be closed.

Last week’s encouraging announcement from ACARA that highlighted the important changes to be made to the national curriculum will help support our agenda of promoting an awareness of Indigenous Cultures. View the media release.

If you would like to be more involved with, or have some ideas for promoting Indigenous cultures at CSC please contact Jayme Field at  

Visit Smarter Stronger TV for videos.

Access information about the stronger smarter logo (PDF 107 KB). 

Indigenous education programs

Chancellor has continued to develop our Indigenous education program through the SSW team and community Elders. Student learning needs and career aspirations are identified through the development of an Individual Education Plan.

A mentoring program has been established for three years and NAB funding has been accessed to support the continuation of the program. Through the mentors, information is given to the students teachers and their learning outcomes are monitored. Indigenous student wellbeing is assisted also through our association with the Stronger Smarter Institute which funds and facilitates numerous educational opportunities for students and teachers.

The Indigenous Leadership Program for senior students is one of these that has seen many of our students take part in local, district and state organised events.

Secondary students' mentoring program

The partnership between Chancellor State College, the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), the Stronger, Smarter Institute and Nambour Baptist Church is in its third year of operation. Indigenous students are mentored one-on-one by university students to improve the students’ learning outcomes and cultural wellbeing.

The partnership between the College, USC and the Nambour Baptist Church was set up to support the Federal Governments Close the Gap initiative of addressing the gap between the educational outcomes, attendance and retention rates of Indigenous and non-Indigenous students at the College. In 2010 the school was selected as a Hub school for the Stronger Smarter Institute (SSI) and the SSI joined the partnership.

USC is looking to establish trusting relationships with Indigenous students and their families and the mentoring program is a key mechanism for doing that. Students are engaged in one-on-one mentoring at school, which provides educational support and improves student attendance. Students are encouraged to work on school assignments and homework with the support of their mentor. The students work on designing and implementing activities to promote Reconciliation Week, Harmony Day, Sorry Day, NAIDOC and other cultural activities at the school.

Indigenous cultural awareness has increased continually across the college since the inception of the mentoring sessions. The numbers of students accessing this service and participating in the activities continues to grow. College attendance and retention has increased as a result of this partnership, and new leadership opportunities have been offered to Indigenous students.

Last reviewed 21 November 2019
Last updated 21 November 2019