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Our vision at Chancellor for prep is to empower early learners to develop a passion for learning.

At Chancellor State College these years of schooling offer a transition phase to the Primary years of education in our P-12 learning community. The preparatory year is a non-compulsory year of schooling. Year one is a compulsory year of schooling and students continue the learning journey begun in the preparatory year.

Children come to our school with a diversity of understandings, capabilities and dispositions that have developed as part of their social and cultural experiences since birth. These provide a rich and valuable starting point for learning in school.

Teachers support learning by linking the knowledge valued at home and the knowledge valued at school. Learning experiences encourage children to make links between their prior knowledge and new learning. 

Families and carers make significant contributions to children’s learning and development before and after children enter the preparatory setting. Chancellor staff look forward to building partnerships with families to develop a learning environment to make this learning transition smooth and successful.

What do we believe?

Children learn best when they:

  • Make connections
  • Participate in decision-making
  • Make choices and contribute
  • Share their opinions and experiences
  • Discuss their learning
  • Learn in a responsive and supportive social environment
  • Learn through multi-sensory experiences
  • Participate actively in experiences that engage them emotionally, physically, cognitively and socially

Learning occurs through:

  • Play
  • Investigation
  • Real life situations
  • Routines and transitions
  • Focused teaching and learning

Curriculum decision-making involves teachers and students:

  • Planning
  • Monitoring and assessing
  • Reflecting
  • Interacting


When can my child enrol in Prep and Year 1?

Students are eligible for Prep the year they turn 5 if their birthday falls on or prior to 30 June. Students whose birthday falls after 30 June are eligible to commence Prep the year they turn 6.

Birthdate: 1 July 2013 - 30 June 2014 : Prep in 2019 and then Year 1 in 2020
Birthdate: 1 July 2014 - 30 June 2015 : Prep in 2020 and then Year 1 in 2021

2019 Enrolments

Families are requested to submit a prep expression of interest form to ensure all correspondence is received regarding important dates and events. For more information regarding the 2019 enrolment process, please download the prep information letter.

Prep enrolment packs are available from the Primary Campus office. Proof of residency and your child's birth certificate must be provided before an enrolment pack will be issued.

All new enrolments are required to attend an enrolment interview which can be booked through the Primary Campus office.