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Specialist subjects


​Students in Years 7 - 9 attend classes in specialist subjects. Depending on the year level of the students, these include LOTE (Languages Other Than English), music, instrumental music, choir, health and physical education and sport, industrial technology, drama, art and hospitality.


Students from years 4 - 7 each receive a specialist lesson which encourages understanding the language and culture of another country. Students study either Italian or Japanese.

In year 8, students choose a LOTE, either Japanese or Italian, to study. Students from Year 9 onwards choose LOTE as either an elective or a subject.


Year 7-8-9 students can choose to study music though the ELOs and Elective programs. In Year 7 and 8, students undertake an Arts program which includes a one-term study of music.

Instrumental music

String, wind and percussions instruments are available for children from year 3. Entry into this program is determined by student interest, aptitude and the availability of instruments. Students who have their own instruments may join the program. An annual tuition fee applies. When an appropriate standard is achieved, students will be invited to join one of the following college ensembles – concert band, wind symphony, stage band or orchestra. To join the program, families need to complete an instrumental music program enrolment form, which is included in the enrolment package and can also be sourced through the school office. Our instrumental music students perform annually at a variety of school and community functions, competitions and events. Additionally, every two years, students have the opportunity to participate in a music tour.


College sporting events are held throughout the year including athletics and swimming carnivals. Following school events, nominations are submitted for district and inter-school events.

Sport and HPE

Sport is a compulsory part of our school curriculum. It is linked to life learning, healthy lifestyles and wellbeing of individuals.

Interschool sport

Throughout the year students are involved in Interschool Sporting events (predominately Semester One), organised sport and recreational programs (Wednesday for year 8 and 9, Friday for year 7). Students are also involved in a fitness program called Activ8.

Health and Well Being (HWB)

The Health and Well-Being Program is a key feature of the Junior Secondary School Curriculum. It is linked to the Health and Physical Education Syllabus (HPE), and is delivered to each class by specialist teachers.

The scope for the Years 7-10 health and physical education key learning areas embraces traditional subjects of health, Human Relationships Education, life skills, outdoor education, personal development, sport and home economics.

Research shows that additional support and guidance is required through the teaching of personal development, human relationships and the role students play in developing their own healthy, safe and lifelong learning experiences.


Activ8 is a unique feature of the school day. Students participate in 10 minutes of fitness activities designed and shared by teams.

Study help in the junior secondary school

Literacy and numeracy workshops are conducted by junior secondary school teachers on a regular basis.

Year 7 and 8 students can attend workshops on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 2.30pm to 3.30pm.

Year 9 students can attend workshops on Thursday afternoons from 2.30pm to 3.30pm.

Teachers are in attendance to lend assistance in areas of need.